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Team of Dolls

Show us your dollieh household and tell us their bios. (formerly Figure Biographies)

Team of Dolls

Postby Iwa_Hoshi » Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:32 pm

If anything the Team of Dolls originates from my collection of plushies and action figures. So everybody is either an alternate human body (Clan Plushie folks) or yet another clone (Clan Action Figures is made up of the clone army) of someone

The clone army came as a result of overworking the host bodies (any of my Ryus and Chun Lis) for my creative muse that why I usually retire them when the new ones come along. Along the way some of them develop their own personalities (Think of it as a Jango Fett- Boba Fett - Stormtrooper thing)

The team loves the term 'Team of Dolls' or 'Doll units' on account of its usage in the game Street Figher (The Doll unit of Shadoloo ) and laughs at the ironic usage in themselves and the weird parallels to the game that some times happens

They consider themselves performers and loves to parody video games as that is their roots (some of them anyway). Stunt work and posing came with the territory

Team of Dolls (in order of arrival)

Name: Ryu14 (Officially Capcom Vs SNK Ryu )
Type: Highdream Capcom vs SNK 12 inch series now on a Volks Neo Guy body
Age: 30 (taken as an SF3 Ryu )
Martial arts discipline: Modified Ansastuken Karate with Qi projecttiles
Roots: Street Fighter action figure
Relationship: Obi-Chun. He requested for a Chun Li of his own to match him in articulation. Since the company that made him was not doing any more 1/6 dolls and I can't find a Mamachapp Chun Li. He ended up with a hyperactive Obitsu and the rest is history.

Note: My 14th Ryu action figure. He takes over from the 6 inch SOTA crew as the Ryu muse's body.
Suffers from accessory boyfriend syndrome now that he has a Chun Li of his own. Since he is a Ryu its in his personality that he's a bit on the quiet side. The younger girls of the Team consider him to be a big brother type character.

The other customised dolls are very fond of him since if he didn't requested for a customed companion doll none of them would have been here. Which is also why he learnt to be wary of what he request for.

Is found near Jack if Jack is cooking. usually ends up working with Jack.

Role in Team of Dolls
On account of his dedication to his martial arts (a trait found in Ryus), he is taken to be the Physical Trainer of the Team to ensure that they are always in shape for stunt work

Name: Obi-Chun (Officially Obitsu Chun Li.)
Nickname: Chunny, Mother of Dolls
Type: Obitsu 2 part flesh tone, W01-PH2 head with a re-root
Age:: 24 (Oddly enough she's considered to be Post Alpha- Pre SF2. The why part is beyond me)
Martial arts discipline: Wushu with Qi Projecttiles
Roots: Video Game
Relationship: Ryu14 requested for a partner and she arrives. And the rest is history.

Note: Is taken to be the 14th Chun Li action figure on account of Ryu14 to end a lot of arguments. She was initially unsure whether she was up to the task of being a Chun Li..

She is also the 1st Doll-with-rooted-hair to make a appearance in this household after the Tri-Barbie Wars over a decade ago.. Everybody else was an action-figure-with-sculpted-hair since then. Taking it upon herself to be friendly with the 'old ones' (Helen and the older plushies) she attempted to proof that not all Dolls-with-rooted-hair are bad. That rooted hair definitely have some magic and the Chun Li part of her won them over and it started something since she melted the distrust that Clan Plushie have of Dolls-with-rooted-hair. Thereafter she set out to mend relationships with some of the older action figures (April) and recruit others.

Is considered to be the current host body of my Chun Li muse. She has a friendly, playful and highly charming personality which somewhat resemble Chun Li no9( SOTA action figure Chun Li. The creative muse baton was pass from her to Obi-Chun bypassing 10 to 13) She is somewhat manipulative but it is for the sake of the whole team (since there's less chance of jealousy and the chances of her getting stuff is higher even if she has to share). Helen is considered to be her partner-in-crime.

Role in Team of Dolls
Is currently the Lead Doll of the Team and runs the 1/6 unit. Lead Dolls takes project requests (costuming/stunt work/fic/whatever and assigns it to the doll most likely able to complete the project.

Earn herself the nickname - Mother of Dolls after working on the A doll a day photoshoot, the name pokes fun of how a year after she arrives, six to seven dolls had showed up as well.

Name: April (Officially April O'Neil 2)
Type: Obitsu 2 part flesh tone, W02 head with Dollyhair Volcano Nylon hair)
Age:: 25
Martial arts discipline: Ninjitsu, partial to the staff(Don) but branches into the double ninja sword (Leo), twin sais (Ralph) and nunchucks (Mike). mini scythe with chain on account of work stint
Roots: TMNT action figure
Relationship: Casey, her husband

Note: unlike the Ryus and the Chun Lis, April is a replacement upscale body for my battle weary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 6inch April action figure that had suffered major damage in the so call Tri-Barbie Wars. Following her canon background, she had some ninja training from an old friend, she's a former journalist. She was also former creative muse before the Chun Li muse took over.

Obi-Chun the Doll-with-rooted-hair had somehow managed to fascinate her and the promise of an articulated body seem to won her over.

She somewhat on the quiet side since being a Doll-with-rooted-hair herself is a new experience. Casey is helping her adjust. And her Swap interaction with a Barbie base doll (Warrior's Topaz) had help heal some old wounds and she hopes to help the Bunny sisters with their own trauma. (they look up to her as a War Hero)

Role in Team of Dolls
On account of her journalistic background the rest of the Team considers her to be 'the smart one' and she does the script writing, planning and works with Helen to figure out the logistics and stunt co-ordination. She is also the resident IT expert.

Nickname: Nana (as in the number 7 in Japanese), Nana-chan, Auntie Nana
Type: BBI Perfect Body with Obitsu SM2 head and Volks Silver Saran hair
Age:: 35 in human years (Canonically I have no idea but I consider her to be 10000 years old give or take a century)
Martial arts discipline: Proficient in most martial arts but fights like an amazon with sword and scythe like weapon
Roots: Wildcats action figure
Relationship: Cole he's not here in 12 inch format

Note: As a Post Tri-Barbie Wars arrival (10 years or so after) she has none of the emotional baggage of the wars. She was suppose to have a canonically bitchy and snarky personality but it didn't carry over. Instead she ended up with the relaxed personality

This blue eyes Semi-immortal alien amazonian blade mistress considers herself to be the 2nd big sister of the group, she has a fondness for Ryu14 and adopted him as a younger brother. Usually seen lounging around with Big Chun or Helen

Role in Team of Dolls
Keeper and trainer of traditional weaponry


Image Image Image Image Image
Name: Helen
Nickname: Chibi Helen (Parabox shell), Neko Helen (Hujoo Freya shell, , Ms Meow/Big!Helen(her Iple shell), Midi Helen/ Medium Meow (Obi 50 shell)
Type: Obitsu 2 part flesh tone, with Volks Type C head and Parabox Neko head, Hujoo dark grey Freya cat, Iplehouse SID Luna
Age:: 26 (13 years younger after she became a doll)
Martial arts discipline: Claw and agility based attacks with Psionic blast (Think X-men Psylocke + Darkstalkers' Felicia), Telepathc, telekinetic, mind based attacks, cat based shapeshifter
Roots: Plushie cat
Relationship: Jack her husband, her kids and she a Matriarch to a clan full of animal plushies. She would rather her family not be dollfied so as not to be reminded of her actual age

Note: Helen is based on a plushie that’s older than I am. This green eyes cat considers herself a were creature with the ability to shift from animal to human (this came from when I was a kid, So I'm not gonna question my younger self). She alone has the ability to give an animal (plushie) a certain awareness and the ability to change form. However She cannot reverse this process.

She is one of the few telepaths in the clan and is considered to be the most powerful. Somewhere down the road she adopted her name from the Cartoon series Bionic Six. She is the Matriarch of Clan Plushie but since the Tri-Barbie Wars is over, she had let other plushies run the household where small matters are concern.
Getting the doll body allows her to go on vacation and join the Doll team for fun. She is the 1st plushie to get a doll form and seems like she's enjoying herself.
Hangs around with the younger gals as well. Is not always the voice of caution as she retains her curious cat personality. She was the first Host to the creative Muse in her plushie days and is still highly respected as one

After working on a fanfic project with YR. She had grown rather fond of him and adopted his as a son (according to her. YR resembles one of her adopted son). Helen is the 2nd hyperactive doll after Obi-Chun.

Helen has the ability to control more than one of her doll bodies at the same time. She took to parodying Ghost in the shell because of that. She has some kind of inane rivalry with Obi-Chun, mainly its just Helen messing arounnd with the fact that there are a lot of Chun Li dolls and figures and that one day she will have as many Helen shells(nine is my limit).

Helen loves her husband Jack very much, for he is well aware of what they had went through and various survivors believes that he keeps her mentally grounded these days.

Her flighty nature indicates that all is well but the rest knows that if she should suddenly turn serious and speak in a very sane manner, that is when she is at her most dangerous.

Role in Team of Dolls
On account of her agility she is in charge of setting up the riggings for stunt work. Also works with April for co-ordination.

Name: Erisa
Type: TTL body and Volks Neo Goh 3 head
Age:: 23
Roots: Plushie rabbit
Martial arts discipline: CQC, Kickboxing and Gun Fu (Gun + Kung Fu)
Relationship: Her older twin sister is Erika

Note: Like Helen she is based on a Plushie. She is actually a youngest yellow fur rabbit of a trio of Triplets. Her blue fur brother had died in the Tri-Barbie wars. She nearly lost her own life.
After becoming a Doll-with-rooted-hair she finds it amusing that she and her sister don't look like twins at all

Erisa is a Gunner-Biker chick (think of her in Modern-Medieval RPG like Final Fantasy 7, 8or 9)

She seem to be adjusting well to the being a Doll-with-rooted-hair (If April could do it, she could try), she is fond of dark colors. Loves strumming her guitar and is an amateur photographer. She is considered to be of Japanese -Norwegian mixed blood. Obviously someone got the height

Role in Team of Dolls
Keeper and trainer of firearms.

Name: Casey (Casey Jones 2 )
Type: Obitsu Regular body and Volks Neo Goh 2 head
Age:: 29
Martial arts discipline: Street Fighting, sports equipment based melee attacks
Roots: TMNT action figure
Relationship: April is his wife

Note: Like April, Casey was in the Tri-Barbie wars but it was April who ended up with the brunt of injuries. Out of concern for her well being Casey went into retirement with April to keep her company.

After being upscale to a 12 inch body Casey is adjusting quite well.

Role in Team of Dolls
The Mechanic. He fixes things. Works with the stunt team on riggings as well.

Name: Erika
Nickname: E-ka chan
Type: Obitsu 2 part flesh tone, W02 head with Dollyhair Fairy's breath pink and Buttercup blond saran hair)
Age:: 23
Martial arts discipline: Jujutsu + Elemental based Qi projectiles and defence, healer
Roots: Plushie rabbit
Relationship: Her younger twin sister is Erisa

Note: Like Helen she is based on a Plushie. She is actually the eldest pink fur rabbit of a trio of Triplets. Her blue fur brother had died in the Tri-Barbie wars and she nearly lost her own life. She was a Blade Mistress during the War but after the war she felt the Calling of Magic went ahead to learn it, she no longer practice sword arts but adapted her magic to the staff (sceptre) and archery.

She is now an eccentric elemental Battle mage proficient in attack and defence magic and is capable of close quarters combat.

She is considered to be of Japanese -Norwegian mixed blood. As for whether her natural hair color is magically pink or naturally blond. Who knows, she is a pink fur rabbit mage and her form is what she chose

Role in Team of Dolls
She is the healer of the group.

Name: Kula Diamond
Type: Parabox Nano/S Gretel - Obitsu 25cm body with magnet feet
Age: 16
Martial arts discipline: Anti K' Arts
Roots: King of Fighters video game character

Note: Yuri and her started of as an experiment of whether or not the Team can accept younger members and apparently it works. Kula Diamond is considered a younger active member of the team and not a junior in-training member.

Kula is a bubbly young doll who is considered the 3rd hyperactive doll after Obi-Chun and Helen. Initially dropped from a list of candidates for Dollficiation, Kula manages to sneak in (via stealing a head during a wig test and refusing to leave) and charmed the more dominant dolls into accepting her (Obi-Chun and Helen).

Unlike everybody else, Kula does not have a backup form (plushie/action figure/figurine) from which she was dollfied from. Therefore the Team respects her for her determination to join. Where Kula is concern, the entire team reminds her of characters from her game and is expected to co-lead Project KOF with Yuri.

The rest of the team sees her to be a miniature but tamer(as if that makes a difference) version of Helen. She is considered to be the 'funny man' to Yuri's 'straight man'. she is also considered to be the more girlish one of the two. Can be fond in the company of Yuri, Taki, Being both Gretels heads she and Yuri can swap cosplay roles when needed but understands that certain role was made for mainly for one of the other.

She has an inexplicable fondness for Mechas, in particular a certain purple Eva unit that keeps following her (she owns a mini one now). Has a fondness for sweets.

Name: Yuri Sakazaki
Type: Parabox Nano/S Gretel - Obitsu 25cm body
Age: 17
Martial arts discipline: Kyokugenryu Karate
Roots: Art of Fighting video game character
Relationship: Her father and brother exist in figurine form and will not be dollfied.

Note: Kula and her started of as an experiment of whether or not the Team can accept younger members and apparently it works. Yuri is considered a younger active member of the team and not a junior in-training member.

Yuri is an expected member of the young dolls experiment as she existed as a Gashaphon and mainly the Ryus are comfortable enough to have her join(Plus they can't really complain since their owner is a Yuri Sakazaki fan). She was suppose to be the bridging age to let the rest of the team get used to having younger dolls in the house permanently. She is the 'straight man' to Kula's 'funny man'. And is considered the sporty one.

She is usually found in the company of Kula and Taki. She is considered to be a tamer(as if that makes a difference) miniature Obi-Chun. She is also Helen's understudy for certain cosplay roles. Being both Gretels heads she and Yuri can swap cosplay roles when needed but understands that certain role was made for mainly for one or the other.

Name: Megu-Chun (considered to be the 18th articulated Chun Li )
Nickname: Runt, Chun-Chun, Chips(mispronunciation for chibi) , Ah Muay (Little sis in Hokkien), Ah Mei(Little sis in Chinese), Chunlini the trainee/great/fantastic (stage name)
Type: Parabox Megu head + Obitsu 50cm body
Age: 16 (Take to be from Street Fighter Alpha)
Martial arts discipline: Wushu with Ki projectiles
Roots: Street Fighter
Relationship::VRyu - Her boyfriend

Note: Her actual name should be O.P Chun on account of her body parts (Obitsu + Parabox) but is considered too similar to Obi-Chun's name. As they are all the same character (one way or another) all Chun Lis answer to the same name while working but uses a personal name to differentiate themselves where friends and family are concern

She is considered to be the charming, mischievous aspect of Chun Li. Megu-Chun is considered to be 16 year old and has yet to grow into her full build and height.

Role in Team of Dolls
She is the leader of the 1/3 unit and reports directly to Obi-Chun


Name: V.R (V-ism Ryu)
Type: Souldoll Vito Rail
Age: 17 and a bit on the short side
Martial arts discipline: Ansatsuken Karate with Qi Projectiles
Relationship: Megu-Chun's boyfriend

Note: Young chap is an attempt customise Ryu of Street Fighter to match Megu-Chun in height. Taken as the Alpha/Zero version of himself.

A quiet fellow as he is still finding his spot on the team even though he's partially overshadowed by his stoic 1/6 older aspect Ryu.

Image[/url] Image
Name: Taki Miyagi
Nickname: Neko Taki (Freya cat form)
Type: Pureneemo Aika / Hujoo white Freya cat
Age: 18 and a bit on the short side
Martial arts discipline: Karate and Kyūdo
Roots: Plushie cat
Relationship: Cousin to Helen, Jack and the sisters and close family branch to the sisters

Taki is a little white cat, the younger sibling of the Shirouneko Siblings (either translated as White cats or castle cats)
She was badly injured in the Tri-Barbie wars but She managed to survived and had become sort of a Miko in Okinawa after that

After becoming a doll, she took up rollerskating, parkour and specialise in the art of Table Flipping.

Role in Team of Dolls
She has a playful friendly rivalry with Kula and helps Yuri keep Kula in line.

Image Image
Name: Jack Michael Bennett
Nickname: Big Guy, Big dude, Smug face cat, Sack of Rice(he weighs like one), Sexy Beast, Mini Jack(1/6 shell)
Type: Iplehouse EID Hero Dexter normal skin (2012 & 2016) ZCworld Riot cop Mason
Age: 30(De-age after crossing over as a doll)
Martial arts discipline: Krav Maga, Close quarters combat. Has a preference for fighting with survival knives or various short knives
Roots: Tiger Plushie
Relationship: Helen is his wife. their kids. Cosuin to Taki and the sisters

Note - See above for Helen. His crossing over as a doll has allow Helen to further de-age, a tradeoff for her initial resistance in not wanting to dollify her immediate family members

Like Helen, he is a plushie involve in the Tri-Barbie wars. A physically powerful character whether in human or beast form. Like the others, he does not speak about the Tri-Barbie war period. For it is the one time that he came close to having to fulfill his oath on killing Helen should she go berserk. Said oath was taken at the time of being selected as Helen's mate.

He is surprisingly calm and cool but has moments of dorkiness when he thinks no one is watching. But like various members of the team he can be a boke or tsukkomi in a teamup project. He is also a chef.

Joined Team of Dolls after hearing from the OCs dolls who were on home leave mentioning all the fun stuff they had done and places they had visited. Did not realised that the 1/3 unit is still new and had ended up as the physically largest character literally.

He claims that he is not base on Jack(Big Boss of MGS), Jack(Raiden of MGS), Jacks(Tekken), Jack (Krauser of Resident Evil), Jack (Wildarms... Okay maybe the ponytail) or Jack (Titanic, blame Leon Kennedy)

Role in the team
The teenage members of the group sees him as a father/brother figure. There seems to be a friendly rivalry budding with CVS Ryu(no 14) respectively. Most believe that Ryu have taken Jack to be the Ken type guy.

The other males in the Team of Dolls considers him to be their lone natural blonde male (Randal is still a dark hair guy by default) even if it means ignoring the dark streaks in his hair.

Oweing to his size, he's the default big guy(literally) and is expected to help with the carrying and building of stuff.

Has taken very well to cosplaying, some times inspiring the rest of the 1/3 dolls to join up as other characters from the series that he is cosplaying.
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Re: The Team of Dolls

Postby Dark Angel » Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:05 pm

Yay! Iwa's family is fantastic!
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Re: The Team of Dolls

Postby MidoriKurogami » Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:55 pm

Wow what a famileh you got! And they all got MAD SKILLZ! :D

Awesome. I hope I'm able to build such a crew someday!

Re: The Team of Dolls

Postby Iwa_Hoshi » Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:10 am

I think you're on your way to a doll family, you got Jin and the sisters to start with.
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